About Photonics Industries

Since its inception in January 1993, Photonics Industries International, Inc.(PI), the pioneer of intracavity harmonic lasers, located in Long Island, New York, has been at the forefront of developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of nanosecond, sub-nanosecond, picosecond, femtosecond lasers and their accessories for industrial and scientific industries. Through the last two decades of innovations with 24 issued patents and multiple pending patents on lasers, PI’s product portfolio now includes:

1. DC, DS series nanosecond harmonic lasers which produce up to 40W UV @355nm, 70W green @532nm, 4W deep UV @266nm;

2. DM series multi-mode green lasers which produce up to 100mJ/Pulse @1kHz @527nm; up to 200W @10kHz @532nm; and up to 80W UV @351nm;

3. DP Series pulse-pumped harmonic laser which produce up to 20mJ/P @0-100Hz; 10mJ/P at 1kHz;

4. RGH Series picosecond lasers which produce up to 100W in IR @1064nm, 70W in green @532nm and 30W in UV @355nm;

5. RGL Series picosecond lasers which produce up to 4mJ @1kHz @532nm.

6. PS Series quasi-CW picosecond lasers which produce up to 40W UV@355nm, 70W green @532nm and 100W IR @1064nm

7. SN Series sub-nanosecond lasers which produce up to 100W with variable pulse width from 100ps to a nanosecond in IR, Green and UV wavelengths.

8. Upcoming Femtosecond lasers which produce >40uJ/Pulse @100kHz at 1030nm along with its harmonic derivatives. Higher pulse energy versions will follow;

Each of these products has its patented and/or proprietary uniqueness from the competition which result in simpler designs, improved reliability, reduced cost of ownership, and better performance.  Click here to find a list of Photonics Industries’ proprietary patents.

Today, Photonics Industries has become one of the largest solid state laser manufacturers in the world with its headquarter in Long Island, NY, along with facilities in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. Its volume manufacturing capabilities for some of its product lines are unmatched within the industry with its modern manufacturing facility located in New York.

PII has also recently added an applications lab in our China facility for sample processing and feasibility study for our customers. In addition to its standard product offering, Photonics Industries is always ready to customize its products to meet even the most challenging requirements for design, performance, reliability and a total system package.