Industrial Application

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Industrial Applications

Application PI Series Laser
Laser microprocessing DSH green and UV, DCH green and UV
FPCB cutting DSH UV
Via hole drilling DSH UV
FPD repair DC-351
OLED repair RGH
Glass processing RGH
Laser singulation (Si, Sapphire) DSH green and UV, RGH
Marking DSH/DCH UV and RGH
Solar cell processing DSH green and UV, DCH green and UV, RGH
3D printing DCH UV
Annealing DM
Semiconductor Inspection PS
Laser Doping and Laser Direct Writing PS

Application Videos

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Non Alkalic Glass Cutting

Video supplied courtesy of « ATTON Eng Corporation »

Tempered Glass Cutting 100 ~300um

Video supplied courtesy of « ATTON Eng Corporation »

DSH ns UV laser cell phone camera module cutting

Scientific Application

Application PI Series Laser
Ti:Sapphire Laser Pumping DM
Ultrafast Laser Pumping DM
PIV (Particle Image Velicometry) DM
Biophotonic Research, Defense Eye Safe Wavelength OPO
Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) RGL
Resonance Raman, Photoacoustic Imaging TU



  • STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) reports upgrade to Photonics Industries pump lasers results in “a clear improvement of the long term laser beam power stability” in RAL’s annual report.

Typical PIV Application

LaVision photo

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