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DSH Green Series

High Power Green Laser

DSH-532-25 | DSH-532-35 | DSH-532-48 | DSH-532-70


  •  Power: 25W to 70W
  • Patented intracavity green generation
  • Compact, rugged, monolithic all-in-one industrial grade ns laser
  • Total pulse control
  • TEM00 beam with typical M² < 1.1
  • Pulse rates from 1 Hz to 500 kHz
  • RS232 computer control
  • Field replaceable pump diodes
Wavelength 532 nm
Average Power 25W@50kHz 35W@100kHz 48W@100kHz 70W@100kHz
Pulse Energy~0.5mJ@50kHz ~0.35mJ@100kHz ~0.48mJ@100kHz ~0.7mJ@100kHz
Pulse Width (nominal)~20ns@50kHz
Repetition Rate Single Shot to 200 kHz (option to 500 kHz)
Pulse to Pulse Stability < 2% rms
Polarization RatioVertical; >500:1
4σ Beam Diameter @ exit ~0.7 mm ~1mm
Beam Divergence (Full Angle Far Field) < 1.5 mrad<3 mrad
Beam Circularity at exit >85%
Spatial Mode TEM00 M²<1.1TEM00 M²<1.2
Beam Pointing Stability < 25 μrad
Beam Position Accuracy < 2.5 mm and < 10 mrad from nominal
Long Term Stability (8 hr ± 1° C)±2%
Line Frequency50 to 60 Hz

Lower rep rates (<30kHz) performance achieved by pulse energy capping

Electrical Requirement100 to 240V AC
Relative HumidityNon-condensing, 90% Max
Ambient Temperature15°C to 35°C (59° to 95°F)
Storage Conditions-10oC to 40oC; Sea Level to 12,000 m; 0% to 90% RH, non-condensing
Power Consumption (excluding chiller)< 400 W typical
Warm Up Time<15 min from standby, <30 min from cold start
InterfaceEthernet / RS 232 / GUI / External TTL Triggering
Dimensions (W x H x L)7.5 in x 3.75* in x 24 in9.5 in x 3.75* in x 26 in
Weight41.5 lbs43 lbs

* Does not include height of desiccant (0.35’’) and height of removable feet

  • Drilling & Cutting PCBs
  • Micromaching Copper
  • Scribing & Grooving Silicon
  • Cutting and Machining Ceramics
  • Solar Cell Scribing
  • PERC Solar Cell Processing
  • Ceramic Scribing, Cutting and Drilling
  • Resistor Trimming

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