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SN IR Series

Subnanosecond Laser

SN-1064-15 | SN-1064-40 | SN-1064-70


  • Up to 70W of power at 1064nm
  • Sub ns Pulse Width
    • specifiable from 60ps to 1ns
  • Repetition rate from 1kHz to 20MHz
  • Excellent beam quality (M2<1.3)
  • Closed loop chilled
  • Small compact all-in-one form factor
  • Diode pumped technology
  • Harmonic options available
ModelSN-1064-15 SN-1064-40 SN-1064-70
Average Power (@ 100kHz) 15W40W70W
Pulse width (nominal)~500ps, specifiable from 60ps to 1ns
Repetition Rate 1kHz to 20MHz
Spatial Mode TEM00 M²<1.3
Output Beam Diameter~1mm (Nominal)
Beam divergence<3 mrad
Beam Point Stability <50 urad
ModelSN-1064-15 SN-1064-40 SN-1064-70
Ambient Temperature15°C to 30°C (59° to 86°F) Operating Range
Relative Humidity Non-condensing, 90% Max
CoolingClosed Loop Chiller
ModelSN-1064-15 SN-1064-40 SN-1064-70
Laser Head Dimensions12" (W) x 3.75"* (H) x 34" (D)

* Does not include height of desiccant (0.35’’) and height of removable feet

  • Glass cutting, i.e., GorillaTM glass
  • Ablative drilling
  • Scribing – Thin-Films, etc.
  • Solar cell processing
  • Dicing/singulation – LEDs, etc.
  • Marking, Engraving – FPCB, Ceramics, Intraglass/subsurface Glass, Sapphire, Diamond
  • Materials Processing – e.g. Repair of Memories, Displays, etc.
  • Inspection and Process including Environmental Control
  •  LIDAR
  •  Bathymetry
  • Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) Spectroscopy
  • Pump laser
  • MALDI-TOF Spectroscopy
  • Laser Micro Dissection