OPO Series


Photonics Industries’ DS Series OPO represents the FIRST commercially available Optical Parametric Oscillator to produce pulse rates at a high repetition rate of up to 50 kHz. The DS OPO produce peak power output of up to 300 kWatts with milli-Joule levels of energy per pulse, at kHz repetition rates. It can also produce 10 Watts of average power at a repetition rate of approximately 10 kHz. These lasers are produced with either a fixed wavelength, or continuously tunable wavelength in the region of 1.5 μm to 3.4 μm.



  • Diode Pumped Technology
  • Patented OPO Generation Technology
  • TEM00 Beam
  • Pulse Rates from Single Shot to 50kHz
  • mJ Pulse Energy at kHz Repetition Rates
  • RS232 Computer Control


Photonics Industries makes lasers that are perfectly tuned for the application of your choice.

  • Chemical Detection
  • Eye-Safe Illumination
  • NIR Spectroscopy
  • MID-IR Spectroscopy
  • Material Processing Research & Production

OPO Brochure 2015


*Due to Photonics Industries’ commitment to continuous product improvement, specifications and drawings are subject to change without notice.