High Pulse Energy Green Nd:YLF Lasers

Owing to its patented technologies, the DM Series Nd:YLF diode pumped laser has the simplest, most efficient design in a monolithic platform, while producing the highest pulse energy at 527 nm (100 mJ/pulse from single head and up to 200mJ from dual head) at kHz repetition rate. In addition to its simple, efficient high pulse energy design, the outstanding thermal management allows the user to change repetition rate from 1 to 10kHz as desired, in contrast to the competition, where the user must select a single repetition rate at purchase. With 6 standard models available, it is the most competitive product on the market, and the best choice for pumping Ti:sapphire laser amplifiers and Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) applications. In addition to its technological superiority, its reliability has been verified by less than a 1% service call request during the warranty period in the latest 24 months statistics.

For even higher pulse energy or sub microsecond pulse separation PIV applications,
each of these 5 models can be built into a dual head laser which will produce twice as much
pulse energy as its single head counterpart.